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About Wholylocal

Hi…and welcome to Wholylocal. Wholylocal is a website that serves people like us. People who appreciate the significance of a local, healthy sustainable lifestyle and embrace it by seeking merchants who share our propensity.

Sue Boothby GarrabrantI have been interested in health food, exercise and spirituality since my teens, which has made me strange fruit in a world of conventional family and business acquaintances. Turns out, I’m not so strange after all. Research shows that one in four adult Americans is considered a LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) consumer. That’s nearly 41 million people, and the number is on the rise. I see the trend in family, clients and colleagues; as well as in products and services that cater to their changing lifestyle choices.

I started Wholylocal because I have a desire to find local merchants (at home and when I travel) with whom I want to do business with — healthy restaurants, natural pet products, eco home services, etc. Google searches show some relevant results, but they are disjointed and incomplete. Local media does not show businesses who can’t afford to advertise. And most directory sites are filled with intrusive ads and wrong information scraped by bots.

I put 25 years of graphic design, advertising and marketing experience to work developing Wholylocal. The site is simple, geo-location aware, search engine optimized, and easy to use. It shows only local, independent businesses who align with Wholylocal’s mission and vision.

Wholylocal is here for you and for me. For LOHAS businesses and LOHAS customers. People like us.

Mission & Vision

Wholylocal’s mission:
To promote local businesses that embrace local, healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

Wholylocal’s vision:
Communities that sustain and are sustained by the people who live in them.


Create a network of local, healthy, sustainable merchants:

  • Wholylocal is wholly supported by local business members. Fees are purposefully affordable and are used to cover administrative costs, site development and advertising.
  • The site does not generate revenue from ad farming. Site visitors see only relevant content and members don’t compete with pay-per-click or other online advertising.
  • Wholylocal maintains the site’s focus on local, healthy, sustainable lifestyles.
  • Wholylocal works with local affiliates who attract relevant businesses to the directory. Affiliates earn high commissions to recirculate in their communities.
  • Wholylocal provides geo-targeted marketing and advertising to increase exposure in local communities.
  • Wholylocal provides visitors the opportunity to connect with business members via contact forms, click to call, and links to web assets such as website, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Yelp!, YouTube, LinkedIn and TripAdvisor.

I hope that, by adhering to these guidelines, Wholylocal serves as a valuable resource to enhance your business and your local economy.

– Sue Boothby Garrabrant