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A niche directory listing is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to get targeted traffic from the exact customers you’re trying to reach. Search engines put a lot of weight on topic-related backlinks, and being listed in a high-ranking niche site, which is monitored by humans, is invaluable.

Wholylocal is the niche directory for local businesses that align with lifestyles of health and sustainability. Unlike general directories, Wholylocal provides more targeted traffic and more relevant link value.

Six Benefits of a Wholylocal Listing

Cost Effective
Annual fees are purposefully affordable. at $240/year — that’s only $20/month or 68¢/day — members get a robust directory platform, organic SEO, paid SEM and local media presence.

Targeted Traffic
Visitors to Wholylocal are looking for local, healthy and sustainable businesses. They are highly targeted for your products and services.

SEO Boost
With frequently updated content, multiple inbound and outbound links, and structured local data, Wholylocal is crawled often by search engines, listing your business in Wholylocal boosts your SEO strategy.

Relevant and Quality Backlinks
Because Wholylocal has content that relates to you business, a link to your website from Wholylocal is given a high value by search engines.

Association with Quality
Business listings on Wholylocal are carefully reviewed before going live on the site. Only quality listings make it into the directory.

Manual Maintenance
All listings on Wholylocal are maintained manually by Wholylocal. No bots at work here. Listings are optimized and well-categorized to provide a good user experience.