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Fungus Among Us

Last week’s rains persuaded our backyard’s underground mycelia to bear fruit.  Mushrooms popped up in the mulch pile, the compost pile, the dirt pile…everywhere! So, what are mushrooms? Here’s a quick explanation by Steve Bender, The Grumpy Gardener: “Mushrooms, no matter their size or color, are but a very small and visible part of an… Read more »

The Tiny Mole

A Tiny Mole

Today, Tim found a tiny mole in our backyard. I have never seen a real mole before. I mistakenly imagined them being as big as beavers, based on my reading of C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia: “Moles were Talking Beasts that were smart, intelligent and peaceful animals. They were also excellent diggers and gardeners”… Read more »

Avian Diversity

Painted Bunting

Birds love backyards. The gnarled branches of trees and canopies of shrubbery offer nesting homesteads. Fruiting trees and seasonal gardens provide plenty of forage.. And, of course, overflowing bird baths and everflowing bird feeders invite them to stay a while. I’m amazed at the diversity of birds flitting in my backyard. So many colors, shapes… Read more »