The Conscious Consumer Connection

9 in 10 People Identify with the Words “Conscious Consumer”

They are more likely to buy from companies that promote health and safety benefits, commit to environmentally-friendly practices, manufacture energy-efficient products and support fair labor practices.


Conscious Consumers Want to Make Better Choices

They think before they buy. They evaluate the social and environmental impact of their purchases. They prefer to buy from companies that reflect their values.


Better, Healthier, Smarter Choices Are Easy With Wholylocal

Wholylocal makes it easy to find reliable merchants whose products and services improve health and quality of life.


Wholylocal Cares About Health and Sustainability

Wholylocal merchants represent natural, organic and unmodified products that meet health and nutrition needs. They avoid chemicals or pesticides that can harm the health of their customers and communities.


Wholylocal Cares About Honesty

Wholylocal merchants accurately describe their product features and benefits. They are honest about processes and practices, authentic about products, and aware of their impact on the environment and society.


Wholylocal Cares About Community

Wholylocal merchants live in their communities. They are independent and care about keeping resources in the local economy. They are essential to the prosperity of their communities.