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Are you looking for inspiration and advice on growing food in a small space? Vertical Veg provides aspiring growers with information, ideas and training to grow food successfully in containers.

Mark Ridsdill Smith. the founder of Vertical Veg, discovered how much food you can grow on a balcony. He started to experiment on his balcony in 2009. Surprised by the size of the harvests, he started to measure them in 2010 and record them on a blog. Vertical Veg was born. Vertical Veg is a good resource for urban dwellers who want to live in closer connection with the seasons, nature and their food.

Mark says: “While cities will always be reliant on importing many staple foods, there is no reason why most of our fresh salads, herbs, fruit and vegetables cannot be grown on our streets, window sills, balconies and back yards.”