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Tips for Parenting in a Commercial Culture, a guide created and distributed by New American Dream, explains how the rush to turn our  kids into consumers is consuming our kids.

Research shows that children under the age of eight are unable to critically comprehend televised advertising messages and are prone to accept advertiser messages as truthful, accurate and unbiased. How convenient for the griant marketing and media machine that exposes kids to to an estimated 40,000 television commercials a year — over 100 a day!

According the Michelle Stockwell, author of Childhood for Sale, “As tens of thousands of those flickering messages melt together into a constant, nagging, whisper in children’s ears, specific harmful effects can run the gamut from increased parent-child conflicts to strained family budgets, distorted value systems, and both physical and emotional health problems.”

The guide exposes the media frenzy lurking for minor attention. By understanding the forces at work, parents can protect their kids and teach them to be conscious consumers. It also gives tips on how to stem commercialism, such as:

  • Creating TV-Free Family Rituals
  • Say Yes to What Your Kids Really Want — Your Time
  • Rediscover Nature

The purpose of the guide is to give adults a greater understanding of what children face today, and to offer resources to help parents and concerned citizens band together to protect children from intrusive and harmful advertising.

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