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Welcome to Wholylocal!

Hi…and welcome to Wholylocal. My name is Sue Boothby Garrabrant and I am creating on an online marketplace focused on lifestyles of health and sustainability.

I have been interested in health food, exercise and spirituality since my teens, which has made me strange fruit in a world of conventional family and business acquaintances. Turns out, I’m not so strange after all. Research shows that one in four adult Americans are considered LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) consumers. That’s nearly 41 million people, and the number is on the rise. I see the trend in family, clients and colleagues; as well as in products and services that cater to their changing lifestyle choices.

Wholylocal’s reason for being is to connect LOHAS products and services with LOHAS consumers, as well as extend the LOHAS marketplace to the mainstream.

I believe that people are more likely to use products and services that are convenient to their daily routines. I know I am. Through locally-based and geo-targeted marketing, Wholylocal showcases healthy products and services to the local marketplace.

In short, Wholylocal is a wholly local directory embracing wholesome, wholistic lifestyles.